Chapter 5

Wellness Tools

Wellness tools are things you can use to stay well by managing your emotions and wellbeing. It is helpful to use these tools every day, including trying out new ones, so you learn which ones work best for you.

Doing this will help you care for yourself and better manage in times of stress.

Worksheet 5: Your Daily/Weekly Planner

Planning your day and routine is a great way of building new skills and habits. Remember to include some self-care activities and your SMART goals. 

Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing:


Eat a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

Increase your intake of fresh vegetables (5 serves daily) and fruit, home cooked meals, avoid high sugar, processed and fried foods.

Set and Keep Clear Boundaries

Know your boundaries. It’s ok to say No.

Maintain Relationships

Time with friends, families, community groups.

5 Senses Grounding Exercise

Is a helpful tool to connect with your senses. It also helps for
regulating emotional and physical responses during/after an unpleasant experience.
• 5 things you can SEE.
• 4 things you can HEAR.
• 3 things you can FEEL.
• 2 things you can SMELL.
• 1 thing you can TASTE.


Journaling can help you “let go” of unpleasant thoughts and feelings and capture your
reflections and progress. We recommend you have a specific notebook for this. Once you write
in your notebook, close it and do something you enjoy.

Start a gratitude diary

Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day.


Practice at home, attend a class, or use smartphone apps such as Smiling Mind. 


A simple 15 minutes a day outside, can totally change your perspective.
Take a Quiet Break — sometimes distance can help you look at things in other ways. It may also help to limit screen time.

Warm bath/shower

Add essential oils /Epsom salts/bubble bath/candles/music.


Massage, facial, aromatherapy, manicure, weighted/heated blanket.


Listening to music that lifts your mood or soothes your soul.

Time with Pets

Walking and cuddling your pet.

Use Free Wellness apps

On each page of this Wellness Toolkit, you will find some apps that relate to each topic in the Resource sections. You can also find all these options in Chapter 12: Resource Directory and Helpful Tools