Chapter 4


Being Motivated

Being motivated drives you to change old habits, pursue goals, and grasp opportunities. It comes through action and repetition, and leads to increased resilience and wellbeing.

Having SMART goals will help you to commit to a motivated life.

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat. Through owning your choices and actions and being consistent, your motivation will grow and increase as you progress.

At times it’s difficult to stick with the choices you make. Please be gentle with yourself, acknowledge your efforts, and celebrate your successes no matter how small. It may also be helpful to ask others for support.

In setting your wellness goals, you are choosing to develop new habits and letting go of old ones that no longer work for you. Small consistent steps can have lasting positive change in your life. If you find your short-term goals are too hard, please go back and review them together with your mental health clinician.

If you skip day(s) from your new routine, that’s okay. You can continue today.

Tips and Tricks for Being and Staying Motivated

Getting Going/Started:

Start from 10 and count backwards till you get to 1 and begin your day or activity. e.g. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … and get out of bed

Change your Posture:

Sitting or standing with your spine upright and shoulders back (rather than slouched) allows you to breathe deeper, get your energy moving and helps change your focus.

Use SMART Goals:

Will help your motivation to follow through and maintain your energy. If you haven’t yet, start today.

Use Prompts:

Use visual, electronic, or verbal prompts to start or be reminded of an activity. e.g. activate your phone app to remind you to drink water or go for a walk.

Move your body:

Choose to do some physical activity you like each day. Moving your body helps you feel well.



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APMHA HealthCare's Relapse Prevention and Discharge Program
Other Resources
Downloadable Resources
Smart Phone Apps:
  • Fabulous! A motivational app that uses challenges to help build physically and mentally healthy routines
  • Daylio – A Diary App that allows for goal setting, mood tracking and routine notifications.
  • Onlyhuman – An app that uses short films and simple tasks to boost wellbeing.
  • Happify – An app that has effective tools and programs to help you take control of your emotional well being.