Relapse Prevention and Discharge Program



APMHA is pleased to introduce our new pilot program – “Relapse Prevention and Discharge Program” (RP&D). This program was created in collaboration with APMHA clinicians and our Consumer Lead. The RP&D program aims to support each client before and after discharge from our programs.

About the Service

The RP&D pilot program has been developed to support people:

a) Who have exited our programs early, providing active follow up for people who have not engaged as planned, to address any barriers they have experienced or identify any further support they may need

b) Who are currently receiving mental health services by incorporating the Wellness and Discharge Planning Toolkit into counselling consultations, to ensure a wellness approach as part of therapy and support preparation for discharge from the service. This also includes post discharge follow up by our RP&D Clinician.

How does the RP&D program work?

  1. You will be introduced to the program by your current mental health clinician through your counselling time with APMHA.
  2. OR you may get a call from our Relapse Prevention & Discharge Clinician if you have chosen to not continue with your counselling.
  3. Our Relapse Prevention & Discharge Clinician will contact you before discharge from your mental health counsellor to arrange a post discharge appointment.

Benefits of the Program

The program has been designed to help clients to:

  • identify goals
  • stay on track
  • identify stressors and triggers in life
  • develop positive coping strategies
  • create a support network
  • identify early warning symptoms
  • understand medications
  • feel empowered in care and post discharge goals
  • know when and how to access further support when needed
  • live your best life

Pilot program areas of service

The program is currently being trialled in the Goulburn Valley & North East Vic regions of Murray PHN through our primary mental health funded programs. After evaluation and any refinement, our aim is to roll this out across all APMHA services in 2025.

How do I access the RP&D program?

All people who are accessing primary mental health programs through APMHA will be invited to participate in this program by session 3 with their allocated mental health clinician. Participation is purely voluntary.

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