About APMHA Healthcare


APMHA HealthCare Ltd is a new Not For Profit company in July 2019 and has evolved from the Victorian Primary Mental Health Alliance Pty Ltd. This change to a Not For Profit entity better reflects the values and benevolent focus of our mental health programs for under-serviced, priority populations.

APMHA provides intake, triage, secondary consultation and clinical and psychological services for a variety of funders through nominated program streams by a diverse and highly experienced professional workforce across Australia.  Our focus primarily evolves around primary mental health care within a Stepped Mental Health Care framework.

APMHA is governed by a Board of Management and our partners and clients include governments, community health services, PHNs, private mental health practitioners, community and private sector organisations and peak bodies. APMHA has three critical Board Committees which provide and avenue for input and advice by the senior leadership team into strategy and business development. These committees include:

APMHA HealthCare Ltd is Accredited under the following standards: AS/NZS ISO-9001-2016, National Standards for Mental Health Services – 2010 and is a NDIS Registered Provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Executive and Leadership Committee
  • Clinical Governance Committee
  • Finance, risk and audit Committee


Our Model

APMHA offers employed, secondment and sub-contract arrangements for clinical and non-clinical workforce it engages to ensure a national footprint of highly qualified mental health professionals. APMHA has developed a Service Delivery Framework to reflect a Stepped Mental Health Model of care which sets out the strategic direction of the Company, the funding it has been awarded and the partnerships it has forged.

APMHA has developed relationships with providers who focus on health promotion through to acute services, to ensure the mental health stepped care is realised and clients are linked and transitioned within a seamless system and minimisation of duplication of service delivery.

About stepped mental health care

  • A stepped care approach to mental health promotes person centred care which targets the needs of the individual. It recognises that the individual’s needs may change at any time and allows for flexibility for people to move across service levels to support their recovery.
  • In a stepped care approach, a person presenting for support, is matched to the intervention level that most suits their current need. An individual does not generally have to start at the lowest, least intensive level of intervention in order to progress to the next ‘step’. Rather, they enter the system and have their service level aligned to their needs.
  • Clients receive care commensurate to need, this being determined by the health professional in consultation with the client and the client’s GP.

The key features of the APMHA service delivery framework are:

  • Timely response to referrals and allocation to an appropriately skilled and located provider
  • Provision of evidence based therapeutic interventions for severity / acuity step type and presentation
  • Allocation of service sessions commensurate to need (acuity / complexity – risk stratification)
  • Collaboration and partnership with general practice
  • Integrated care approach focusing on the clients trajectory for recovery
  • Transition of clients up / down stepped mental continuum seamlessly and supported

In our work, we value:

  • Lived experience
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation through passion

Our Vision

An accessible primary mental health service working in collaboration to support people with a mental illness to reclaim well being and live a contributing life.

We will achieve our Vision through a commitment to embrace and live our values.

Our Mission

To lead primary mental health care through the delivery of accessible, high quality services in partnership with the client, supporting their mental health, well being and facilitate recovery.

Organisation Structure