HeadtoHelp is a free service for any Victorian who may be experiencing distress or mental ill health. This includes people who have never accessed mental health services before and their family and friends. It also is for family and friends of those in aged care. There are 20 HeadtoHelp hubs across the state. In the Murray PHN region, services are located in Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton, Wodonga and Seymour. Please remember you can access services via phone no matter where you are.

How it works

When you call HeadtoHelp on 1800 595 212, an experienced mental health professional will listen and work with you to find the best ways to get you the help you need. Depending on the assistance you need, HeadtoHelp may connect you with online support or an existing mental health service. This could include a GP (as it’s really important that your mental and physical health are looked after together), or other health or support service to get you back on track.

Your mental and physical wellbeing are linked, so the best way to improve your mental health is with a team-based approach that includes your GP. HeadtoHelp’s multidisciplinary team has GPs and mental health workers, including psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers and alcohol and drug workers, who can support you through telehealth, or onsite at a service. We can also help with the other essentials of life such as housing, work, education and training.

HeadtoHelp Hub Locations

For the Murray PHN region, there are four sites. Please refer to the map below:

  • Purple region – Location is Mildura
  • Green region – Location is Bendigo
  • Orange region – Shepparton & Seymour
  • Pink region – Wodonga

While you can access HeadtoHelp via 1800 595 212 no matter where you are, APMHA’s Shepparton facility is open at Alaya House (located at 3A Nixon St, Shepparton, 3630) and our Seymour site (located at 54 Tallarook Street, Seymour). If you are not in Shepparton or Seymour, but are in one of the areas highlighted in the map below, you can still access this service through APMHA (Face to face or via Telehealth).

image: Murray PHN

How do I refer?

Anyone can call HeadtoHelp on 1800 595 212 and we will help you find the support you need. Your GP or another health professional might also suggest you use the HeadtoHelp service. The service will then link you into other services, if required.