Annual Report 2020–2021

Our Achievements

Our Achievements

APMHA HealthCare Ltd is Accredited under the following standards: AS/NZS ISO-9001-2016, National Standards for Mental Health Services – 2010 and is a NDIS Registered Provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Western Victoria PHN


“My experience with my provider has been 1 in a million. She has helped me and my family so much and I’m so grateful”

“I was able to use what I learned from the sessions which really helped me”

“I got the help I need always, my provider always helps me through my situations. I’ve never had a councillor like her!”

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN

Provider Feedback

“I am enjoying being a PSS provider with APMHA, the allocations team have been great and helpful in answering questions!”

“I really appreciate the relevant information and support that yourself and APMHA are providing at this time. It is always clear and succinct despite the uncertainty at this time.”

Client Feedback

“Having someone who had experience tailored to my situation ie midwife with mental health credentials. I had practical questions about having a newborn baby (which were causing anxiety) as well as mood issues. Her dual credentials meant she could provide me with a holistic service, and meant she understood my particular challenges.”

“If and when l contacted my psychologist, he always got straight back to me. Made a time so we could go over my problem in less than 12 hrs. Very responsive to all of my mental health issues.”

“My provider is professional, friendly and a good listener. He provided useful information and ideas to help in my health needs.”

Murray PHN

Provider Feedback

“Thanks very much for inviting me to work with APMHA – in particularly delivering the Supervision – it is so lovely to work with clinicians and provide the space for them to explore their experience and enhance their practice through reflection – a real gift to both me and them. Just also wanted to acknowledge that both Monique and Zac (as well as the Allocations team) have been wonderful to work with.”

“APMHA have developed a model of care that has proven to be responsive to clients seeking a program that walks alongside their mental health recovery. The purpose of the Stepped Care approach to Mental Health is to respond to a persons mental health journey and APMHA helps to facilitate this for each person who accesses care through APMHA. Throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic the model of care that has been developed by the Directors of APMHA, the flexibility in how we do our work, the high level of trust placed with each provider / staff has allowed for all staff and providers to remain employed. APMHA have provided a level of certainty in what is a very uncertain world at the moment.”

Client Feedback

“The person I spoke with was extremely helpful and made me feel good about myself. I felt that I could say anything to her & she would listen and advise or make suggestions where it was appropriate. I felt that I could trust her with my most private information and knew that it would not be shared any further.”

“We had to discuss some difficult topics but I was so glad that my support pushed to do that as it has been very helpful. She helped me prepare for a difficult situation the best we can. I am so glad I have her to talk to.”

Staff Feedback

“I started work with APMHA as I finished my final year of my Bachelor of Social Work, APMHA has offered such a supportive environment for me to learn and grow as a professional, and supported me in my transition from student to worker. I have been given so many opportunities to improve my practice since joining the APMHA team. I am very grateful for the supportive space APMHA has provided me as I’ve stepped into the sector, and the continuing opportunities to learn.

“The responsiveness of the team to support all workers throughout COVID has been wonderful and so important to us continuing to do our roles safely and continue to support our communities.”

North West Melbourne PHN

Feedback from SWAP program

“Thank you for your help and I now enjoy work”

“Sharing experience of lockdown positive experience”

“Learning how to manage personal stress positive experience”

“Workshop 100% well received and recommend to others”


Employee Assistance Program

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