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APMHA HealthCare Ltd. brings together passionate experts with a diversity of experience across all areas of mental health, AOD and primary care. 

Renee Hayden

Renee Hayden


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Renee Hayden is a founding member of APMHA HealthCare Ltd and its predecessor Company, VPMHA Pty Ltd, trading as Australian Primary Mental Health Alliance. As the CEO of APMHA HealthCare Ltd, she comes from a diverse executive, management and clinical background firmly cemented in mental health, AOD and primary care. She has an extensive working history leading management and executive teams and working with Boards, overseeing governance, operational and strategic matters.Renee has transitioned with primary care from initial roots with Divisions of General Practice, then Medicare Locals and now working alongside primary health networks and other national funders to deliver commissioned services.

Renee has steered APMHA HealthCare to truly resemble the National Mental Health Commission’s vision of stepped mental health care and reform for Australia’s most vulnerable. She is passionate about care that is excellent, high quality and equitable for all. This drives the Company’s recruitment of expert clinicians and support staff to ensure that this is truly experienced by our clients.

Directing our dedicated Executive Team whom ensure our truth is our Clients. We truly take on Ghandi’s words where he states – our clients are the most important visitors to our services. They are not an interruption on work. They are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider to our business, they are part of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them. They are doing us an honour by giving us the opportunity to serve.

Donal McGoldrick

Donal McGoldrick

Deputy CEO & General Manager Business Operations

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Donal McGoldrick is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with over 17 years’ experience including senior Mental Health Nurse and management roles in addiction, clinical mental health, forensics and community mental health. He has worked at a senior management level within the Department of Health and Human Services and at a CEO and Board level with specialist State-wide services and NGO’s.

Working for VICSERV, the peak body representing community managed mental health services in Victoria, Donal was the Victorian State-wide Project Manager for a national mental health project. He is the co-founder and Director of Kambiri Health Australia, a boutique mental health consultancy service, whose clients include State Government Departments, NGO’s, the corporate private sector and numerous peak bodies such as the AFL Players Association.

Donal has applied his experience of business operations, as well as business and clinical governance to his role as General Manager Business Operations at APMHA HealthCare. He maintains a strong interest and oversight in workforce planning, organisational change contract management.

Rebecca May

Rebecca May

General Manager Service Planning and Establishment

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Rebecca has eighteen years experience leading mental health and alcohol and other drug projects for community organisations, the Victorian Department of Health’s Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division and Victoria Police. She has a strong understanding of government policy, processes and funding mechanisms through developing departmental service specifications and service plans for the mother-baby mental health units, the new rural mother-baby mental health units and the mother-baby alcohol and drug withdrawal unit while with the Department of Health.

As consultant and executive manager in the primary care sector, Rebecca has delivered projects for primary health networks, community health services, general practices, Aboriginal community controlled health organisations, rural and metropolitan health and hospital services, alcohol and other drug treatment services, mental health services, rural health workforce agencies and primary care partnerships. These projects have included program and service re-design, establishment and evaluations, regional service system reviews, plans and recommissioning processes, needs assessments, community consultations, benchmarking and feasibility studies.

Jennifer Craggs

Jennifer Craggs

General Manager Clinical Services

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Jennifer Craggs is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with extensive experience across a wide range of mental health areas. Her experience in senior clinical roles includes working with aged and indigenous mental health (public, private and indigenous health settings) and comorbidity and complexity in adult, youth and child client groups.

Jennifer is also a Principal Master Trainer for Mental Health First Aid Australia and is able to deliver a wide range of mental health training to allied health providers, health professionals, carers and the general community.

As the General Manager Clinical Services at APMHA HealthCare, Jennifer has used her extensive experience to implement innovative approaches to clinical recruitment, credential auditing, supervision, mentoring and supporting a national workforce. Jennifer is currently focused on providing information, education and mentorship to APMHA HealthCare clinicians, that will enable them to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment of Primary Mental Health and Disability Services across Australia.

Tung Le

Tung Le

General Manager Service Delivery

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Tung Le is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and Cultural Consultant with over 20 years of experience in mental health and the alcohol or other drugs sector in a diverse range of environments. Tung has worked as a senior mental health nurse and CALD consultant in both management and service development roles across the public and private sectors.

Tung has had an extensive career in private practice, while also working as a Comorbidity Consultant on National Comorbidity Initiatives, and as a cultural consultant to State and Federal Government Departments. In more recent years, Tung has provided consultancy services to industry-based member associations, legal services and community organisations and is a member of the Clinical Council to a Victorian PHN.

Fluent in both Vietnamese and English and with a strong, on-going interest in working with the Vietnamese and culturally diverse communities, Tung brings with him energy and professionalism to all aspects of his work as the General Manager Service Delivery at APMHA HealthCare. His expertise and passion continue to support our frontline triage team and external clinicians working across clinical services available through APMHA HealthCare.

Susan Belmont

Susan Belmont

Mental Health Intake Coordinator

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Susan Belmont is a Registered Nurse and Counsellor with experience in Mental Health alcohol and other drugs sector. Susan has extensive experience coordinating client care in multidisciplinary environments, working closely with different health professional to achieve positive mental health outcomes for youth.

Susan started with APMHA HealthCare as a Clinical Care Coordinator in PMH-CCC program, where she worked with adults and youth to ensure a collaborative approach to client treatment. She now works as our Mental Health Intake Coordinator, where her passion and eye for detail ensures the smooth transition of client referrals to appropriate clinical support.

Louise Pianta

Louise Pianta

Intake/Triage Worker

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Louise Pianta has a background in psychology and is an experienced teacher in both primary and secondary settings. As a coach and facilitator, Louise has supported various businesses in the area of workplace well-being and cultural change, and has extensive experience working with clients (individually and group workshops) in areas of grief and loss, body image, confidence and adjusting to life changes.

Louise has recently joined the APMHA HealthCare Intake and Allocations Team as our new Triage Worker where her passion, experience and approach will continue to inform the transition and support of clients under our services. 

Phoebe Logan-Jacobson

Phoebe Logan-Jacobson

Mental Health Intake Coordinator

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Phoebe Logan-Jacobson is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) at RMIT. Phoebe is highly adaptable, practice driven, proficient in IT management platforms and passionate about her work with clients.

Phoebe has recently joined the APMHA HealthCare Intake and Allocations Team as our new Mental Health Intake Coordinator were her passion, and approach will continue to inform the transition and support of clients under our services.

Charles Mahagodage

Charles Mahagodage

Company Accountant

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Charles Mahagodage is a certified practising accountant with more than 20 years of experience in accounting and financial management for both profit and non-for-profit sectors. He brings significant depth of financial knowledge and skills to APMHA HealthCare, ensuring robust financial oversight.

As the Company Accountant for APMHA HealthCare, Charles eye for detail ensures all program budgets and company funds are managed appropriately, while also providing advice/support to staff around wages.

Zac Williams

Zac Williams

IT/Finance Officer

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Zac Williams has a background in small business management and finance, running a successful coffee business alongside his work with APMHA HealthCare. He also has experience in IT Support and assists all APMHA HealthCare staff navigate the required systems and platforms, including security requirements.

Zac has continued to expand his knowledge and skills in financial administration and currently administers all contract payments, staff payroll and financial bookkeeping for APMHA HealthCare.

Monique Ataryniw

Monique Ataryniw

Education & Marketing Coordinator

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Monique Ataryniw has a background in education, welfare and IT and became a Mental Health First Aid instructor in 2018. In her past roles, Monique has been involved in the development of child and adolescent respite programs, adult english classes, community programs and the implementation of differentiated learning programs for adolescents in Brisbane and Melbourne. Monique has a passion for helping people access and navigate health pathways, resources and education.

As the Education & Marketing Coordinator for APMHA HealthCare, Monique coordinates education, resources and support for APMHA HealthCare’s external clinicians, service clients and carers, health professionals, and the general community aiming to improve understanding of mental health well being. 


Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson

Administration Officer - Flemington

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Thomas Henderson has completed a Bachelor of Business and has experience in administrative support and IT troubleshooting and systems.

As APMHA HealthCare’s administration officer, Thomas provides support to all APMHA HealthCare senior staff, assists in daily office needs and manages general administrative activities. His patience, willingness to learn and attention to detail has made him an integral support to all of our staff.

Lynn Chaitman

Lynn Chaitman

Telephone Counsellor

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Lynn Chaitman is a Social Worker, currently completing a Masters in Counselling. Lynn aims to create a safe and non judgmental space for clients to explore the issues that are most important to them. She values genuine connection with her clients, and adopts a flexible approach that is sensitive to the unique needs and presentations of the varied individuals who she works with. She is passionate about supporting clients to cultivate self-acceptance while simultaneously working towards sustainable change.

Lynn joined the APMHA HealthCare team at the beginning of 2019 as our Telephone Counsellor where her skills and support has become a valuable addition to our clinical services.

Glenn Canning

Standby Murray - Coordinator & Community Development Worker - GV & NE

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Glenn Canning is an experienced client care coordinator with a diploma of Welfare. He has extensive experience coordinating client care in multidisciplinary environments, to achieve positive mental health outcomes for a variety of vulnerable client groups.

Glenn started with APMHA HealthCare as a Clinical Care Coordinator in PMH-CCC program, where he worked closely with clients to ensure a collaborative approach to their treatment. In this role, his proficiency in the NDIS processed has become a valuable addition to our clinical services and client support. He now works as our Regional Standby Coordinator and Community Development Worker for the Goulburn Valley and North East regions of Murray PHN where he ensures appropriate support is given to families/friends/community bereaved by suicide.

Linda Paterson

Standby Murray - Community Development Worker - NW & CV

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Linda Paterson has experience in suicide intervention ASSIT training and is currently completing a diploma in counselling. Linda has a genuine interest in community development and extensive experience in education and disability.

Linda has recently joined the APMHA HealthCare as our new Stand By Community Development Worker for North West and Central Victoria regions of Murray PHN where she ensures appropriate support is given to families/friends/community bereaved by suicide.

Aminah Fazlic

Aminah Fazlic

Administration Officer - Alaya House

more about Aminah to come

Aminah Fazlic has experience in administrative and accounts management and is the newest member of our Shepparton team.

As APMHA HealthCare’s administration and project officer, Aminah is the face that greets you at Alaya House. Aminah’s willingness to learn and attention to detail has been a fantastic addition to the team, especially while setting up this new facility.