About APMHA Healthcare

APMHA HealthCare Ltd is a new Not For Profit company which has evolved from the Victorian Primary Mental Health Alliance Pty Ltd, which was initially established in October 2015. This change to a Not For Profit entity better reflects the values and benevolent focus of our mental health programs for under-serviced, priority populations.

APMHA provides intake, triage, secondary consultation and clinical and psychological services for a variety of funders through nominated program streams by a diverse and highly experienced professional workforce across Australia.  Our focus primarily evolves around primary mental health care within a Stepped Mental Health Care framework.  We bring together isolated, individual and grouped practice clinicians to enhance program reach and depth to those clients who need support the most, operating effectively a large network of clinicians working as a virtual team. As a strategically established network, it enables broad reach to regional, rural and urban settings. Our multi-disciplinary clinicians have a broad range of specialities which provides a variety of referral options for general practice.

APMHA is governed by a Board of Directors and our partners and our clients include governments, community health services, PHNs, private mental health practitioners, community and private sector organisations and peak bodies.

Our Model

APMHA has developed a Service Delivery Framework to reflect our Stepped Mental Health Model which sets out the strategic direction of the Company, the funding it has been awarded and the partnerships it has forged.

The key features of the service delivery framework are:

  • timely response to referrals and allocation to an appropriately skilled and located provider
  • Allocation of service sessions commensurate to need (acuity / complexity – risk stratification)
  • Provision of evidence based therapeutic interventions for severity / acuity step type and presentation
  • Collaborative  partnership with general practice
  • An integrated care approach focusing on the clients trajectory for recovery
  • Seamless transition of clients up / down the stepped mental health model to ensure continuity and consistency of care provided.

Our Vision

An accessible primary mental health service working in collaboration to support people with a mental illness to reclaim wellbeing and live a contributing life.

Our Mission

To lead primary mental health care through the delivery of accessible, high quality services in partnership with the client, supporting their mental health, wellbeing and facilitate recovery.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Creating community
  • Facilitated recovery
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Embracing Diversity

Strategic Objectives

  • Deliver high quality, recovery oriented primary health and AOD services to targeted areas of Australia
  • Recruit and support a highly skilled and responsive network of mental health and AOD professionals
  • Develop and foster strategic partnerships to maximise opportunity for integrated health care